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Anti-rust liquid Wd 40

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09 Aug 2022
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Specification of Anti-rust liquid Wd 40

Iron materials such as key equipment, hoes and others. Or related equipment to multiply the soil. Serves to remove rust and dirt.

Floor, tile, to remove stains or dirt. Followed by cleaning with soap.

Stainless steel device.

Clean the gum, for example, stick to the carpet or clean the gum from the hair

For leather belts, a layer of leather stools that usually become stiff because of their service life.

Loosen lego plastic, if it's hard to remove.

Loosen the pot that sticks and snaps, making it difficult to remove.

Remove logo paint (if ordinary paint), price tag glue, duct tape and sticker glue. Where the remaining glue needs to be cleaned

Which should not be used with WD40

Motorcycle or bicycle chain. If you want to use WD40, you can use it as an initial cleaner. Then washed and continued with lubricant. But at the same time, WD40 not only removed dirt, but the lubricating oil was also lifted. So give the lubricant again after WD40 has been filtered. If you want to supply chain lubricants, just give lubricant and not spray with WD40.

Hinge door. Initially it sounds, but can damage the hinge coating. So add oil after being given WD-40

Pinball Toys. Be careful with WD40 can damage the protective part of the Pinball tool.

Electronic equipment button. For example a dirty iPad or iPod in the Home button. When sorted, it initially makes it clean, but causes the plastic cover to fall off, and the inside of the plastic can be exposed to WD40 liquid.

What are the benefits of WD40 for daily use.

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