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CV. Sinar Makmur Sentosa

Founded in 2012, Sinar Mandiri is engaged in the procurement of goods such as Electrical, Mechanical, Technical, Safety and Chemical. At first, Sinar Mandiri still has a very small market segment. Through strong commitment and customers trust, Sinar Mandiri strive to become a corporate with one of the best property developers in Jakarta and several multinational companies. Since that, Sinar Mandiri has become one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers.Therefore, to expand more, Sinar Mandiri turned into CV. Sinar Mandiri Sejahtera for the legal purpose as a General Trading Company with an office in the West Jakarta (Seasons City Trade Mall Lower Ground Floor Block D7 No. 5, Jl. Prof. Dr. Latumenten No. 33). Three years after established, CV. Sinar Mandiri Sejahtera grew and grab a large market share and gain a corporation relationship with many multinational company. In 2019, CV. Sinar Mandiri Sejahtera has been decided to become a taxable enterprise and is named as CV. Sinar Makmur Sentosa for expanding purposes to achieve its mission, become the number one leading company in the industry. CV. Sinar Makmur Sentosa has commitment in delivering the best by offering quality products (which supported by a hundred leading brands) with competitive prices and give the fastest responses to the customers.